Short update: video on memorization

As those of you who follow this blog know, my past few posts have been on memorizing scripture: why do it, how to do it, and a guest post from someone who’s tried the method I’ve developed over the past several years. If you or someone else you know is a more visual/auditory learner, I’ve recorded a 25 minute workshop that walks through the same content in my first two posts. You can find that video here. If you have tried this method and found it helpful, please consider forwarding these resources on to others!

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Guest Post: Learning from Memorization

This guest post is the final post of a three-part series on memorization. You can find the first two posts here and here. It was written by Rachael Hardy, a friend of mine who I became close with during our time at UMass Amherst. She currently lives in Western Massachusetts and is a member of the Pioneer Valley Church of Christ. In this post, Rachael discusses her experience trying the method of memorization I discussed in my previous post. I’ll let her take it from here! -Tim

Hello everyone! I am excited to collab with Tim on this sort of mini-series of blog posts on memorization. I have intentionally employed Tim’s method of memorization daily for three weeks - one stretch of two weeks and then a stretch of a week - and can confidently report to you that it is effective and helpful! Scripture memorization, and... Read more

How I memorize scripture

In my previous post, I wrote about the reasons I memorize scripture. Most people have had some experience with memorization, but it is often a frustrating process. I’d like to share a method with you that I’ve found produces much more effective results to help you memorize more in less time and with less frustration.

What most people get wrong

What most people do when they try to memorize something is that they read it over and over again. They figure that if they read it enough then eventually they’ll have it memorized. The problem with this is that reading something is quite a different activity from recalling it from memory. Reading and recalling are like two different muscle groups in your body. If you only worked out your arms for a month, you wouldn’t expect to have strong legs. In the same way, if you only read... Read more

Why I memorize scripture

In this time of sitting at home and trying not to watch the news, I’d like to recommend a new hobby: memorize scripture. Scripture memorization is a spiritual discipline that has helped me love God more and to walk closer to him in my day-to-day life. In this post, I want to explain to you the ways that scripture memorization has helped me. In my next post, I’ll talk about the how of memorizing scripture. But that can wait. Before we get to the how, we need to talk about the why. As a good friend of mine says: “I can only be me.” As such, these are my reasons why to memorize scripture, but I hope they will resonate with you, too.

Scripture memorization gives me words for my prayers.

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Proclaiming a new humanity

What is the church’s mission statement? Perhaps you have an answer to that question–perhaps not. If you do, are you satisfied with your answer? Does it excite you, spur you into action? Is it a mission worth sacrificing your weekend for? What about your job–or your life?

The missing mission

I once spoke with a campus minister after I had participated in one of his Bible talks.1 During the Bible talk, he had focused on the need to spread the good news and to help other people become disciples of Jesus. I agreed with his points, but something felt missing. In this introduction to the Christian faith, there was no discussion of what about this news was so good. So after, I asked him: “what’s the point of being a disciple?” His answer: “The point of being a disciple is to make other disciples.”

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